English Blue Sky : ”Bro’s Day Out”

The second day reaching Blackpool, a province in Manchester, my brothers and I went out that evening to see the town of Promenade Blackpool. A town popular for its entertainment. But we were not really into the entertainment, we were craving for great photos since the sky was very blue, and yeah we caught some great photos. Haha..

My brothers chilling

Me in Power of the Sun

Silhouette of Dr.Shazril Imran

One best thing of this town is, it has three piers. In each of the pier has its own attraction, but basically the attractions are more and less the same. Merry-go-Round, Bumper Car, Roller-Coaster, Sling-Shot, Mini-Bowling, Slot-Machine, Betting-Machine, Coins-Machine and etc. So, it a big city of entertainment not to mention it has plenty of Gay Clubs. I swear I did not go those clubs.. Seriously, ahax.. *wink , *wink.

That is all for now.

Sillhouette of Me

Strong, Bold emotion of My Bro.


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