Lata Bayu. Baling : “A place of peace”

The green of the Lata Bayu

The last time I went for bathing at waterfall…. Well I could not remember when was that.. But, last week I had one hell of experience. My cousin, Izzat, Farah and I went to Lata Bayu somewhere in Kedah.

One small waterfall

The waterfall was nice, clean and really cold. Having my camera with me, gave me the chance to explore nature photography, but I fail to, because the water was too clear, I had to go for a swimming. Haha..

Farah, Izzat and the Waterfall

But one sad thing, one really sad thing.. There is still plenty of rubbish done by irresponsible people. Why can’t they at least have the courtesy to keep our national heritage clean? Peepz, people of Malaysian, change your attitude, here me.. Keep our nation clean ya. Don’t be pigs.

Signing off.. MiR


classilicious said…
Chanteekknyee waterfall tuh...Teringin giler nak pics dear...

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