Baby : “ Wow.. too much saliva”

Baby portraits. It is a way of expressing their we-do-not-know-what they are thinking, but for sure they are with their own world. Imagine ourselves, when we were babies what were we thinking? I can’t even remember.. haha.. Nuff said, here are the photos.

Baby Tajul : Looking Down 

Am hungry.. Eating my own finger kay..! 

Am I cute or what??? 

What ya doin? 

I have confidence.


!x0r@ said…
he's cute even though dia agak comot. hehehehe

p/s - can i sign in using my new blog? u only let google/blogger and openID user to sign in. how bout me? uhuh T_T
!x0r@ said…
Erk,tak faham ye? saya pn tak tau mcm mana nk terang..

this is my new blog :

so, saya tinggalkan komen kt sini guna blog tu tak boleh sbb awk cuma open comment to blogger dgn openID je.

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