Challenges : “Syed Hamzah & Normah”

It was not tough to find Kuala Ketil, but it was a fine and hot day. To me, if you can survive the hot sun hahaha, it is still not enough, the greatest challenge is to make sure than you can deliver your photos greatly under any circumstances.. That’s a challenge.. So we had our outdoor photo, just at the school football field.. Ahax.. Back to School Mr.Syed and Ms.Normah..

Romantik lah pulak Abg. Syed nieh.. ish ish ish.. 

Amboi-amboi… bape baby nak ada in future? Ahax. Jgn mare.. 

What are they looking at? 

Ditiup bayu lembut Syed Hamzah.. hahaha..


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