Make-Up : The Story

Well, plenty of things in our life we take it for granted, not knowing the whole process of how it is done or made.. Well, let me share you the secrets of make up.. 

The whole process will take around 20 – 30 minutes. Yeah, sometimes it could get to HOURS!!! 

[PROMO]  : For those who are staying in KEDAH, De’Busana (in front of Central Square S.P.) is offering Bridal Boutique service, ranging from Make-Up, Bridal-Gowns, Pelamin and Etc. For couples that are getting married, feel free to drop by De’Busana Pengantin. 

Let Us begin the Story 

Make-Up Clay being applied 

A laugh JOY of course 

Eyebrow gets DARKEN or BROWN 

A fine and thin Line 

Aerial view. 

Attaching the Fake Eye-lashes 

Putting up the LIP-STICK 

Hair gets DONE 

And walla.. here’s the result.. 

If you want to have a make up session, make an appointment with DE’BUSANA Pengantin. Contact SHAM : 017 5868 304 at this line. 

For photography service : Contact me at : or 012 5445 670.


arelan said…
weii....nie bukan pic lame ker?alaa....mane main pic lame2 nihh...dh lak tuh,takde pic raya ker?pic sendiri yg kawen ker?pic honeymo0n dgn wife ker...?alaaa....leceh la,sume dh kawen,tinggal hg sorang2 jerr nihh.....kawen arr wehh mir,,kawen arrr....alaaaaaaaaaaa.............

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