Logolo : “Showcase”

Well, it took me sometime to come out with ideas.. and seriously it is not easy to create a logo.. Creating one, means you have to learn the business nature, common event of the company or occasion. Well, here are few that I have created pass few weeks.. 

Master Craftsman . A boy holding tool, specializing in building customized wood based furniture. Color, used are brown and black as it associates with natural colour of a wood. 

MQR. My Quest Resources, rebrand ; The diamond as a symbol in a wedding occasion, with glimmering shine on it, attached with a brown and black background to bring the classy-ness to the logo and expensive looking. 

CFC. A proposal logo for Celcom Football Club. Still under revision. The concept used is a simple emblem. 

Fajar Sawit Sdn. Bhd. A concept logo based on the name of the company, with attached word of FS, attached to the SUN + Sawit logo. Fajar is a Malay word for Rising Sun. 

Selphya. Rebranded logo, for my team of photographer, maintaining the rose on the Y as a leaf of a flower. With soft colour scheme of gray and pink to give a simple, pretty and expensive look to the logo.


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