Rawang : “Azlinda & Sarizan”

Well, it was my first time, shooting in Rawang, and sure it has been quite an experience with me. Together with make-up artist Kak Ayu.Pengantin Ayu(click here), we shoot off as early as 7a.m. took our breakfast and by 8.15a.m. we reached Azlinda(bride)’s home and Kak Ayu were done with make-up, we next rushed to the Mosque for the akad-nikah ceremony. 

Three relatives : Sitting together waiting patiently. 

There you go. The Groom and Bride. 

Groom listening carefully to what Tok Kadi’s lectures. 

And off we go. “Dengan ini.. aku nikahkan dikau… 

Another perspective view.


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