Uploading issues : “Norhana & Herry”

Issue of uploading images : Well, now days we are more concern on what are we capable of doing and how fast are we able to provide our service. It is an issue when uploading images to blog or website because it is a very time consuming work. To upload 5-6 images will take around 4-5 minutes of my time, since am using Mobile Broadband, the uplink is only capable of delivering 4kbps – 8kpbs, which contributes to slow image uploading. Therefore landline broadband are faster in delivering the uplink. So, you will have a faster uploading time. That’s all.

Looking at? 

Tears of Joy! 

Happily groom! 

Lord of the Ring 

Oops.. hehe 

Waiting patiently! 

The big time.. 

Black and White 

Soft white light of her beauty.


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