Maxis : Technical Support Stupidity

I have been using MAXIS BROADBAND for quite a sometime, when I first got it, I like it because it was FAST and GOOD, but now things CHANGED, the service is getting from bad to worse, so I decided to report on technical error complaint to MAXIS BROADBAND DEPARTMENT. I was reporting on the in-stable and fluctuation line and yet what respond do I get back?

Their Standard Procedures 

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. How can I assist you
  4. I complaint about : in-stable and fluctuation internet line
  5. Maxis Responded : “We have no technical issue in penang area” …. DAMN are you in my place?
  6. Maxis Responded : “Please check your modem”
  7. I replied : “There’s nothing wrong with the modem”
  8. Maxis Responded : “Please check the settings”
  9. I replied : “I have check the settings and nothing is wrong”
  10. Maxis Responded : “Plug in your modem, go here. Go there… bla.. bla .. bla”
  11. I replied : I am using a ROUTER which is connected to the USB MODEM
  12. Maxis Responded : “No you cannot use ROUTER”
  13. IN MY HEAD : “I have been using the ROUTER for how many months, and no problem… and she’s saying DON’T use ROUTER? WHAT THE HECK?
  14. I replied : I have used it for many months no problem.
  15. Maxis Responded : “There is no such thing as USB MODEM ROUTER”
  16. IN MY HEAD : “I really feel that am talking to a STUPID-DON’T-KNOW-THERE’S-SUCH-A-TECH”
  17. I replied : How sure are you?
  18. Maxis Responded : 100%.
  19. IN MY HEAD : I laugh HARD.. yeah… she’s DAMN STUPID.
  20. I replied : What should I do now?
  21. Maxis Responded : “Plug in the USB MODEM, go here, go there… bla bla bla..”
  22. I replied : There is no such setting, because am using a BANDLUXE USB MODEM, not HUAWEI MODEM.
  23. Maxis Responded : “How can I check your problem, when your MODEM IS NOT FROM HUAWEI”
  24. IN MY HEAD : Am really wasting my time talking to this stupid person. I really feel stupid right now with MAXIS. FEELING DAMN FRUSTRATED…
  25. I replied : Never mind, I will check myself. 

Time : 1.00pmDate : 8 April 2009Place : Taman Bukit Indah, 14000 Bukit MertajamProblem : Instable and fluctuating internet line.Resolve : NOT AT ALL!




This is my BANDLUXE USB ROUTER (it has both, USB + PCI CARD)


iManAzRaf said…
hehe... begitu marah die...
saba ek..
arelan said…
sabaq bro. . .bawak bertendang:)
nesca said…
haha same prob, but what i always do is on n off the modem while monitoring the download/upload rate, till i get the usuals. its pathetic tapi apa bleh buat~
di_real_fanz said…
Hahaa...kesian.. lucu pun ada gak.

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