Fun : Me, Lan and Eza

There are things that we just love to do together, and which is GREAT, since we are in the same team.. And we like the same thing, which is to take photograph.. And we acknowledge the changes around as, demanding to have a photo edited and touched-up till it is not the original photos.

We are not against it, nor following it 100% as we believe there is a value of art in each and every way.. In Selphya, we believe in providing what is the right amount of value, for the right amount of charges.. We deliver according to our price and we believe it is competitive enough.

Alhamdulillah, as we have been in this line for 2 years and learn plenty of new things everyday, we also strive towards providing better and faster service to our customer… Thank you for supporting us..





cahayaeza said…
juz make me smile :) TQ shamir n alan.. fer Every single things!
Cool! Macam Goku. Hehehe.

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