Reaching Out Newbie Photographers

It is now a common thing for normal people to actually own a DSLR, and it is considered as a must item for every Tom, Dick and Harry in town. Looking at the competitions between camera makers, making DSLR more affordable to almost everyone. It is a GREAT news for people who loves to make photography as their hobby or a new interest.

With all this comes a NEW THREAT to those professional photographers. We are looking at the situation where the newbie has terrorized the market badly. By offering cheap price and super-effort-service which has actually caused a bit of chaos to the market.

We are seeing newbie offering as cheap as RM80 for 2 hour session of photography. That’s seriously insane.

They take photography as a part time job so it is not their concern of making it out for living. Because of their nature of not worrying the security of making it as a living profession, it has GREATLY affected many FULL-TIME and PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Not so sure, when will this wave be over. For those PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS out there, fighting, battling against the WAVE, in hoping to survive.

We at SELPHYA and many other PROFESSIONAL TEAM out there, would love to advise newbie to understand, what’s the hardship and what’s the value of photography. It is okay if you want to be in the market, but NEVER KILL THE MARKET.
Thank You,
Shamir Adnan
Marketing Manager


snappshooter said…
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snappshooter said…
perlu letak harga lantai utk fotografi..contoh rm650 adalah paling murah, nak bg ape terpulang pd masing2 la..
yg pnting xleh murah dr rm650..
then bila ada harga lantai, xde lagi la harga "runtuh"..

sy dulu pun mula dgn murah, tp atas dr rm550 jugak la, xdela smpai rm80..tu mmg harga gila la..
bila dah lama buat, harga makin naik mengikut confident n usaha yg lebih..
BTW, i like ur pict hehehe
nice collection
Shamir Adnan said…
Actually harga rantai tuh pun kena ada guide.. if you say, RM650 is the lowest, RM650 orang bagi custom album cover 8 jam... That's also killing the market.. We must teach people how to put a value to the work, but not to devalued to work.. :)
snappshooter said…
btol gak ek..hehe xterfikir plak sbb ttg tu..
kena ada guide tp skrg persoalannya, sape yg nak buat..
xdak org yg mampu bangun n ubah benda ni..
nak harapkn budak kecik msm sy ni, smpai bila pun xkn jadi..hehe

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