Azra Nabeeha : GOAL!!!

Welcome to the real world, Azra Nabeeha bt Shazril Imran, my cute little niece. So now you are going to call me, uncle shamir hensem, and it is a must!.. haha.

Exactly 1.01pm, 12 July 2010, after full of pain and frustration to your mother(Aizureen Burhanuddin), you finally came out.. I can’t believe that you are here, but I am still trying to believe it.. hahaa..

Well, of course you look so cute.. But most of the time, you just won’t wake up with all the noise around you, not even CRY??? Wait till you are big, I will irritate you.. hahaha.. beware..

But, on top of all, we are all happy that you want to come out… hehehe.. Take care and don’t be naughty..

K800i . No Settings, just shoot!
Uncle Shamir Hensem!!!
13 July 2010

I will come and take your photo!!! BEWARE.. 


Has_Hashim said…
comelnya...semoga si manja kecil akan menjadi manusia yg berjasa pd ibubapa, menjadi muslimah yg dituntut oleh pretty...

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