Devaluation of Ringgit

What is Devaluation of Ringgit?
Devaluation of Ringgit is when, previously you can get 20 sweets for RM1.00 and now, you only get 10 sweets for RM1.00. This is currently happening to our currency as, Ringgit has been devalued over time. How can we help preventing the Devaluation of Ringgit?
  • 1. Be more efficient, consider every single cent.
  • 2. Use only necessary resources, let say you want to cook 20 goreng pisang, make sure the oil you are using is meant for 20 or less goreng pisang.
  • 3. Do research and studies in many fields allowing standard demand on order basis.
  • 4. Control the market price, battling and competition among retailers is one of the factors that contributed to rise and fall of commodities.
  • 5. Reduce waste, by knowing the proper way of disposing used material, and re-using material it will benefit in terms of using the right resources.
  • 6. Plan, plan your daily life, weekly life and monthly life so that you can shape your finance.
  • 7. Stop the MLM thingy, and get real business, people have the tendency to be rich in the shortest time and fail to know the true value of business.
  • 8. Have a proper and well-learned government, they are the one governing our country, so why are we taking risk in having someone who has less knowledge of the their field, as they only wish to have money in their pocket.. 
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