Alhamdulillah, after today’s maghrib will be the starting of a new Ramadhan and each time when there’s ramadhan it is most moeslim wish to have a meaningful Ramadhan.

The lailatul qadr’ nite, the nite which resemblance a 1000 months or 83years which every of our good deeds and prayers will be multiplied the 83years.. Just imagine the good we do only the one night which is not revealed on told to anyone. But, most of us will tend to forget the very special gift of ramadhan.

As for myself, I pray and I hope that I will take the benefit of this ramadhan not only to clean and cleansed myself, but also to enrich my knowledge to the knowledge about islam.

I don’t know if I will be less annoying or not, can’t promise on that.. hahaha..

So, some short words from me, enjoy the wonderful ramadhan… as we will be test for 30days and as an advise to myself, do the tarawih prayers.. *wink *wink

Wasalam, Jazakallah


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