Me : Have I Lost it?

People have always questioned me for not being serious. Well, it is not the matter of not being serious, I am serious but only when requires too. Other time, I am just plain crazy.

The Natural law(my natural law) stated that I am just like any other human being, but I enjoy seeing others laugh and get annoyed when I am around.. But when it comes to doing work, I have always put an effort to make other to believe that I am really doing work. YES, I AM.

It is not wrong for me to be myself, I only dressed up when I got to work, and yes I wear tracksuit and slippers walking around supermarket, and yes I don’t care if I look ugly.. am not chasing GIRLS to be around me.. My mom always advise(nagged) at me to “shamir, go and change your seluar”.. It has been years, and nothing change.. But not all the time I wear tracksuit, I do wear slacks, but JEANS, owhhh no way… IT’S TOO CRAMPY!!!

Sometimes, when I meet up with my regular customer, I dressed the way that I am at home (track suit and t-shirt).. To me, I am not to brag that I am wearing Donatello Versace, Raul, G2000, but I am conform with just my CHEETAH, ANTIONNI, SCHWERZBACH around me.. And what’s more important is works get DONE…

But of course, going to wedding and taking photograph of a formal event, I do wear proper slacks and long-sleeved shirts.. I don’t want to be looking as a ‘selekeh’ person, as people do look at me when I am with the pengantin.

One thing that I love is, I define my work attire, since my university life, I have always imagine myself being a person that works fast, running and have stand-up meetings.. Why? Everything is about getting the JOB DONE , QUICK and FAST… That’s why I am with my JUMPERS.. What makes me comfortable makes me work faster and quicker.. Same goes to everyone. Find, what suits you?

I don’t feel tiny, when I am around those big shots, just wearing TRACKS.. So what? Again am not off chasing for girls.. Am just being naturally me… You don’t have to LIKE ME.. hahaha..

I am bragging too much.. gotta start with my next.. cherios!


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