Smile : Have I forgotten ?

It is becoming worst from time to time, as this mixed feeling haunting me.. Where am I heading, as I thought that if I go farther things will be better. At work I am heartless, have I lost it?  Where am I actually?

As every morning and still the month of ramadhan, I take the opportunity to seek HIM, as He gave me the feeling of calm and regaining my NIAT. I have my goals to achieve, I have my dream to realize, I have my hope to gain upon..

Smile, it is just not that easy as before.. With the things that are running in my head which just don’t ease me to be calm.. I have just LOST it, but I would want to find it.. I want to smile to let other people smile..

I am happy for a moment listening to the songs from Maher Zain, both calming and strenghntening my heart to move and move on… May Allah give me back my smile.. Ameen..



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