Time & Time

Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian.

Well, tell yourself(myself) how much time have we actually wasted in our life time. How far have we actually benefited the time that has been given for us to live.

I am not an Imam, but as my brother said, he who has constantly remind each and every of my siblings that it is a duty of every muslim to find Iman and Seek for God.

We, human have always forgot our creator(this is also a reminder to myself), we keep on chasing “skim cepat kaya”, “mlm”, “facebook buat duit”, we actually forget that working is also an ibadah.

Everything comes with a ‘niat’ / ‘nawaitu’ , ‘niat’ brings the meaning of ‘settings goals’ what is our mission in doing something. I have always believe in ‘niat’ and it has always work for me.

Let me tell you a simple story, why I created this blog. When I first started this blog, my ‘niat’ I told myself, ‘with this blog, it will allow me to work with a company’. And, yes it came true. I got into a printing company.. And when I get into the printing company my ‘niat’ was, I will gain as much as possible knowledge regarding printing and signage, and alhamdulillah, I collected as much knowledge as possible, that it brings myself to this level, that allows me to keep moving forward with many projects..

I hope you guys can get some ideas from this short notes.. Ramadhan is coming soon, as we pray that this ramadhan will bring a lot of blessing to each and every of us.. Also a reminder to myself that I must not forget my creator.. :) Ameen.

Wasalam, Jazakallah..



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