Maxis : Not Loyal Customer Friendly

Hi.. I am a long maxis user..(cool huh, sometimes my bill goes up to RM500),

And what do I get now? DISATISFACTION..

Problem : I want to change my old RM99 package to RM48 package since I don’t really use that much currently..

I Called up maxis careline #123, spoken to the Customer Service(*CS).

I Could not make the changes because
#1 : I Lost the modem they provided HUAWEI E220(later I bought it on my own)
#2 : I could not make the modem return(since I have lost it)
#3 : They told me to go to Nearest Maxis Center (so I went to Queensbay Mall, Penang)
#4 : They say, I have to make a police report(what a hassle)
#5 : After making police report, you have to pay RM200(Whattt???)
#6 : Changing of plan not complete.

1.      I asked for a lil bit of consideration at the maxis center, since you are giving me a free modem for the package that am requesting, why not you guys just keep it. And their answer is ‘NO’, because of the CONTRACT.
2.      Wow, maxis really knows how to BURDEN THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMER..
3.      I then asked them as I have got the same bloody model(which I bought myself) of the modem which is Huawei E220, they say, they could not accept it.. ? (Whatt??) because it is not Maxis branded?
4.      Again, how “FRIENDLY” THEY ARE…
5.      Then I decide to blog this..

Huawei E220

I wanted to sent them this Complaint Report via the web, but it seems that, they have a “powerful web portal” … Check out!

Got into their website for complaint form

Form filled in

Cool! Error Message.... Superb Maxis System!
My Report

To Whom It May Concern:

1.      I have called up maxis care line and I have gone to maxis center. Sadly my issue is not really solved.
2.      The problem, I would want to change my package from the old package of RM99 to RM48 package, an I am not unable to do so because,
3.      It was on a WRITTEN POLICY that I need to return the old modem(with the package) in order to change my package.
4.      And the problem is, I have lost the Modem, and I bought mine on my own.
5.      So, I requested for a little bit of consideration, that when I change the package, I don’t have to take the new modem(provided free), is that too much to asked for?
6.      I have been staying with maxis for many years, and sadly I get this kind of treatment.
7.      They told me that I have to go and lodge a report and pay RM200 for the modem.. To me, if you are providing a FREE MODEM, which I don’t need it, to return to you an old modem E220, I do think that is absurd..
8.      So I would like to asked for a little bit of consideration of Maxis side to enlighten my life with your service..
9.      Kindly please advise.

Shamir adnan
012 – 5445 670

Shamir Adnan


KZM said…
that lame maxis always many this that... Many smses for hotlink !!! I think i will using celcom exec postpaid or digi postpaid.
Shamir Adnan said…
Yerp... when they come with offer they offer you like hell, when we wish for consideration, what the hell?
Ikmal said…
please complain at lowyat forum hehe
Engku Mohd said…
In Malaysia, almost every form of customer support from local company(TM, Celcom, Maxis, Digi Astro) always think they always right, customer always wrong.

Don't expect to win with Maxis lol.
mimie said…
hey damn maxis,please stop diverting my browser to your dumb launchpad,wasting my time and money,i pay for it monthly,without any reason you keep diverting to your no quality page..issit the dirty way to promote your pity page..your service is suck then you make worst with the diverting thing..better you doing something better to improve your coverage than annoying your own customer with your heavy loaded mylaunchpad page..

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