My life .. again?

I will always say that I am busy, that’s a fact, if am not busy means that something wrong, so am not going to start this blog by saying “it has been a busy month for me”..

Doing plenty of work and studies is what am doing now, that consumes a lot of my time.. But I am happy to learn all this code infact sometime I enjoy writing codes rather than designing.. But writing code is also considered as designing..

Hmmm... makes you wonder?
 It has come to this part where that I talk about my personal life, which is, where am I right now.. Does the picture say something, or it is just a picture? But yea it has a story to tell..

Being in a serious relationship sometime you need to consider a lot of things, as it will not be easy and fair to yourself, especially when you are damn selfish, but being in a relationship teaches you to handle more and more problems that could actually make you think and makes yourself grow more matured..

I have been in a relationship, and it was not easy.. But it’s a good way to actually know yourself.. if you get what I mean..

But right now, I should say that I am happy, also thinking about the future and what’s coming.. Life is hard, but that is what makes life’s fun…

I would want to find someone who is actually willing to go through hardship and not only be there when everything is fine.. Get real, in life there are hardships.. But, bear in mind that everything comes along with good communication.. Which you don’t learn over night.. lately I kept hearing this phrase, “well, Rome was no built in one day”.. ya ya. I get idea.. I hope so do you…

What am I babbling, who cares.. I just write.. huhu.. By the way, alhamdulillah, my grandpa(dada) just awaken yesterday after being unconscious for 5days.. Well, he is old.. Glad that aki is still in good shape..

I adore my aki(mom’s dad / my atok / my grandfather), he is really calm, he takes good care of his health, and his secret is having honey every morning.. Well, we should try that too..

Would want to tell my future wife to put honey for me too.. hahahhaa.. Then I can be like my aki…

Till we meet again tomorrow.. Be sure to bring you interesting to to see.. :)

By the way the color code is : #300303


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