Why Say no to Internet Explorer?

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I have never been a big fan of internet explorer ever since i start into the world of coding website.. why are the reasons? I would love to share my side of perspective towards browsers.. 

In the world of website now this thing that we call modern browsers.. When we say modern browser it means it supports all the necessities of the codes used developers and most common and easy for both sides, developer and the users(consumers, people who walks through websites).. The old browser until now, is still internet explorer.. They have always been so ego, because they never follow standards created by the world wide web consortium . W3C <-- link here.. until now, web designers and web developers wasted plenty of hour just to code for an ego browser('internet explorer')..

Let's get to the points.

#1. Sluggish
It slows and it hangs.... Often when it loads JavaScript or Flash contents, it has a tendency to actually hangs.. I usually try to run both Chrome and Internet explorer, and compare and the result is just... as below.. See for yourself.. :)


#2. Outdated Standards
Internet explorer uses its own standard therefore it is actually not compatible.. As it reads code differently (understand a command differently).. That's why it is taking time for web designers to re-code for internet explorer..

#3. Ugly
Yea... see for yourself, how are the navigation button and the layout... it is UGLY ... and not clean design at all..

#4. Crash on Javascript.. 
You just need to do a looping javascript code.. and that's it.. hahhaa.. End of internet explorer..

#5. There are Better Browsers
www.google.com/chrome , www.mozilla.com/firefox , www.opera.com , www.apple.com/safari , these are modern browsers which they cope to the standard of W3C, download them and use them.. stop using internet explorer until the cope to the standards.. Thank you..

Trully Mir

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