D90 iSO Test : Fixed Exposure Time : Part I

Well, it took me quite a time to actually to find a time to play with my camera.. So, I collected items that are surrounding me, in order just to try out the Nikon D90 iso test.... Basically the items i collected vary by Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.. Hopefully this helps.. :)

So, what was my setting ? 

I did not use and strobe flash(just to save some money).. So I set the exposure really slow and hook up on a tripod..


Iso : 400
Aperture : F5.0
Exposure : 1second

The advantage of using higher iso, you will have better control under low light condition.. But the drawback will be, your color won't be crisp and your pixel will be grainy.. 

Click the Image Below to Enlarge.. 


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