Dadaji : 10.13a.m.

10.13a.m. 9 December 2010 , there goes my dada(grandfather).. Innalillah.

Infussion Machine
The Night before

My dada, well i don't really know much about my grandfather on my father's side.Named Gohar Iman, origin from Pakistan 6 foot tall. Yes he is tall and strong, but like every other man, age puts limitation and full stop to a person. I am not that close to him, probably i didn't take the chance to actually bond with him, but yes i do respect him as my grandfather. I used to get my ear pulled because he saw me too busy playing games, guess he was and do concern bout my education. Just when i was small there's nothing much in my world than just play and playing.. But now, i have grown older, i realized that yea, as a loving grandfather, he is concern for all his cucu and cicit(grandson/grandaughter).. 

I remember, he used to bring me along with my dadima(Grandmother), to Bukit Bendara, Penang together with my brother(Imran).. I remember he is a big fan of briyani rice, which he always take me there.. But, i always vomitted when i take the briyani, maybe because i am not a big fan of the spices they put in at that time, but now.. I LOVE BRIYANI.. Always whenever meet up with him on occasional visit, nothing much were shared, just a short follow up, on my life, how am i doing and what am i doing now.. And really nothing much of bonding.. Sadly right... But, yeah.. that's a fact.. But still to me, i respect him as my grandfather..

Among my siblings, i do believe my dada take me as the most mischief one, but my action has always bring smile... ooppps i mean bring laughter to him.. Yeah, as i always tease my 2 sisters that will be Sarah and Rukhsana.. He will always, say .. "hey... janganlah..." in a laughing tone.. hope he do enjoyed that.. Huhuhu... Other than that, well nothing much..

During Raya Haji this year,17 November 2010, our family decided to put Dada in hospital, since he was complaining about his back pain(spine).. And, all of sudden, his condition was worsening. It was at a day, that he started to stranggle and was being quite aggresive that nurses had to restrain him.. Wallahualam, i don't know why he reacted such.. But probably he was in some kind of state which i could not explain.. 

By his medical history, he has both Diabetes and Blood Pressure issue.. 

He became unconcious for about 5 days, and he was really restless.. He could not sleep during the night, and his eyes only open for few seconds everytime as if he was actually not realizing what he went through.. Turning and tossing around and Nobody could figure out why.. His situation was like a wave, he was okay and not okay.. 

Myself was not putting hopes, as I believe in giving him Dua.. I was not saddened by his situation, as i know for every pain he felt, Allah forgive his mistakes.. I didn't really feel emotional, but in my heart, i speak to him, i don't know if he listens.. (Probably he is reading my blog now).. But, that's between me, Allah and him.. I spoke happily in my heart, as if i was actually talking to him.. :)

Sorry Dada, didn't had the chance to bully you.. huhu... But i hope you heard of what i shared(just between you and me, and nobody knows it.. isnt that cool Dada.. haha.. ;) 
So, the last moment.. in the morning, i was suppose to actually to take my car from Proton Service center, and got my brother(Shafiq) to get me to Juru Autocity, but.. shucks.. The car wasn't ready, and it was 8.30p.m. worrying to be late to work, Shafiq decided to just send me to work, and he said that he would just go and visit Dada, and the timing was just perfect, received a call from my sister(Sarah) saying Dada was not in good shape, that was around 8.45.a.m. So, well, we were on our way to Penang.. at around 9.20a.m. we reached the hospital.. Seeing Dada resting on bed and other relatives reciting Dua and Yassin.. :) Then i just wished to go to check out my work for a while.. I went out, and just 15minutes after, i received a text from my brother, 10.13a.m. innalillah, my Dada passed away... Sad that i was not there to witness my Dada's last moment.. But, am happy that he literally died peacefully(I don't know, but that's what I see).. Wallahulam... 

From this event, i learned to actually how to handle Jenazah, how to mandikan Jenazah.. 

Alhamdulillah it has been an experienced to me.. A good one i believe.. :) 

Reaching the Tanah Perkuburan Islam, everything went smooth and well.. And alhamdulillah hearing the Talkin(A short speech as a reminder to all that is still alive), it has actually reminded me that life is short.. So? Enjoy it with others with peace and happiness, that's what we want.. There's nothing to be proud with having big cars, big houses, big t.v. when you are actually not helping your brothers and sisters and those who are in need.. That gives a much GREATER PLEASURE.. 

At Tanah Perkuburan

Cutting short, i reached air mawar and passed it to Aki(my grandfather of mother's side), and he poured on Dada's grave and next was me, and Aki softly approached me and say "Mir, jangan lupa sembahyang ye" in his softest and loving tone.. I was touched.. 

-The End

Jazakallah Khayran Katira..

Mir sedekahkan Al-Fatihah buat Dadaji and Dadima ... See both of you in akhirat, I want to play football with my Dadaji... and Dadima, i think we can play Counter Strike or something, how bout red alert? :)

At Dadaji & Dadima's Grave


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