Learn : CSS & HTML in a Blog

Okay, i have been receiving numerous request how to write CSS and HTM, below is the sample of my own code..   Just click Download : to download this sample.. Later i will teach you how to implement this in your blog.. Firstly try and destroy the codes and later you will learn what are the codes are use for.. 

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p/s : the content below is directly coded with html code and css, no image was used except the how to add the image.. :) again do click and view the google ads on the right hand side.. :)

CSS in Blog?

This is what you can do with CSS and xHTML
1. Basically, when you know what is CSS and xHtml you can plenty much manipulate it in many ways, either in blogspot, wordpress, static web and many other engine.
2. Which you need to know first?
3. Basically, you need to learn the fundamental of HTML first, because this is the very basic language that your need, you can even create a website only using HTML without CSS.
4. With CSS, it ease your way in designing the page. CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is where you control your design and layout of your web, with a simpler code.
5. Feel free to learn the codes inside, press 'Download', to download this sample.


Download the Code


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