Life is full of Surprises

For the Rest of My Life
Hey there…. So am back, with more of my own stories.. This post will be the most calmest post as I feel to write it..

Alhamdulillah, despite the busy schedule, I managed to take some of my busy time to do one of the thing that I LOVE to do.. That’s to tell bout me (as I could take note on what’s going on now)..

Hehehe.. so what’s new..? YOU KNOW WHAT? Am getting engaged.. hehehe.. “Senyum Sampai ke telinga” that’s the best thing that I would describe my feeling right now… hehe.. So let’s me story the glimpse of the happiness..

Everything started unplanned and should I say accidently.. We were never close before, 4 years of studying together.. She was with her way, and am with mine.. And never ever it crosses my mind that the person that I have never spoken to would be the one am getting engaged with.. It’s serious thing..

Start by only e-mailing thru company’s email, and the relationship slowly grew day by day.. As not knowing much bout each other, it was like the ice-breaking session as we had I should say, millions of email.. hehhehe.. That’s a lot.. Sharing ideas and thought and everything else..

Everything was never related to life, only, world and people around us.. But things changes over time as we get to know each other thru e-mail.. hehehe.. not even on facebook, it’s company’s e-mail , what are you thinking.. hahaha..

But, alhamdulillah.. When I felt calm and really serene, I made my decision… I should say it was a tough call.. But it was worth the every single pain I had endured.. That I now smile, and just smile… Thank you Allah..

I don’t want to say much… Just, but this is how I feel.. 

Thank you... Jazakallah Khayran Katira
Shamir Adnan


Melody said…
so i heard :)
congrats!! yay.. ingat nak bagi ucapan awal sikit tp asyik terdelay...ehhehehe..

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