I don’t know what I am writing… I.H.R.

Indestructible Humanoid Robot
Always when you are writing, do you write for a reason or do you write what is honestly from your heart… To open up every single thing that you kept? Well, I don’t think it is appropriate to actually share everything… But it is just enough to let your fingers run across the keyboard with your open mind of writing freely without guilt of hurting anyone… How can I do that? By telling happy stories of course…

I.H.R. (Indestructible Humanoid Robot)… I hope I.H.R doesn’t read this post.. haha.. (keep hoping and praying).. What do I actually see in I.H.R..? before knowing I.H.R. it was actually a surprise for me that I.H.R.. knows plenty of stuff bout myself, of course withs today’s internet facilities it isn’t that hard to find out about someone or even someone’s family.. Credit also goes to Mr.Shazril Imran to produce NTL Website About the whole family.. including Dexter, the no longer lived cat… hehehe..

I.H.R. is much of a detail person, that I.H.R actually take the time to learn someone thru details, as I.H.R. enjoys reading someone’s history and background and that does not stop I.H.R. to actually be a bit busy body knowing bout artist and celebs(I guess that’s the nature of Woman and Girls)… So being a detail person is just nice that suits I.H.R. working position as an engineer.. Not so sure what kind of engineer..Test Engineer I Guess.

I.H.R. is the type of person that does not easily gets angry but sometime easily get annoyed by the situation.. I guess that’s normal..

A quoted Text by Mr. W*n *azr*l *elm* bout people who are born in the month of April, they are systemathic kind of people, but when you disturb the proper system they don’t easily get things back to the system, they have a very motherly character(ya, gotta agree…), they are quiet(definitely, 50%)… Hehe.. those are some characters which I find surprisingly true..

I.H.R. What else about I.H.R. ? Craving for Ayam Goreng(Fried Chicken) and Satay(B.B.Q. Chicken).. Ya ya.. They are oily and yummy the main fuel that kept I.H.R. joint runs smoothly… Not too much of Ayam Goreng of I.H.R.. will suffer the syndrome of Low Metabolism Fat Burning… hahaha..

I.H.R.. Was , again I repeat was active in sports… That I.H.R. even proved that sports allows I.H.R.. to improve in result significantly… It’s a good research conducted by I.H.R..

So that’s some of it.. Anyways anyhow… Will share more and more soon.. Am happy to write about this as it takes a lot of my stress off my head… NEWS FLASH.. Am getting engaged on the 9th of April.. Alhamdulillah…

That’s all for now.. :)


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