I have Not Have my Own Time

Time has always been a factor to everyone... It is just too tiring sometimes, putting so much efforts on doing things that you expect to be a hit... But it turns out the other way around... It is harder than what you think, but often.. if LUCKS get in your way, then your are really LUCKY.. it becomes a BIG THING...

Just want to share with you, how Selphya was firstly discovered in design wise.. It was designed by my brother, but it did not come true as he was kinda busy with work..

Selphya grows with the help of the people around it, and it has its ups and downs.. As normal as it is... But it is best that to work together, and don't be too GREEDY... or your might fall...

Without the help of Family and Siblings, Selphya would not have existed.. thanks to them it created a whole new family... Arelan, Eza, Izzat, Angah and Mr. Flip .. :)

thank you all... I mean it . :)

Another Old picture of Selphya's mock up


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