Life as a Designer + Photographer + Web Designer

Being able to love with what you love to do is certainly a most wanted thing by many.. But it comes with a catch if you are working on your own... You'll be pretty busy!!!

I spend most of my time in front on my PC.. And i am earning peanuts.. furthermore, I stay up late... just to complete the projects I take and self-projects that i do..

Yea.. i do find it's tiring and really I wish, I can live a better and healthier life..

The fact that time is always against me, since i can't do a lot with two hands.. everything comes like a series and not move in a faster parallel way..

Working in a team is advantage.. But to find the right team to actually can work up to your standard it's not easy..

With clients holding payments.. It is just like suffering and suffocation.. haha..

Well.. that's for now...


Maia Dobson said…
I admire you because you have a passion with your chosen career. Your non-stop projects is a sign that you're a great web designer and they'll surely recommend you to friends as well.

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