Consulting Online e-Commerce System with client

It is really not easy to have you client who are not IT or computer literate.. It takes more than just designing a WOW website, usually what is best is actually to consult them the importance of maintaining the website like, uploading proper size, tagging their watermark to their photos taken and internet promotions.

I will discuss on what's best for your customer.

1. Knowing the market
It is important for your customer to know how the market "works" , how confident are people on purchasing or online transfer.. Knowing the niche and the targeted audience who wishes to purchase your product online. Not all countries , the people and culture are used to "Credit Card" payment gateway. Some use the manual "Bank-Transfer" , to transfer money to retailers. So what is important is actually your customer need to understand their business nature so it's tally and acceptable with the market

2. Ease of web and IT knowledge
Face it.. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry are very good with computers and software. Some of them may not know what is JPG and HTML.. Don't be shocked with this fact, since they are really hiring you for your expertise and really expect you to give them the simplest way to work around. Your system you create for them must not be SUPER-COMPLICATED, since they sometimes prefer manual operation since they have time to manage their SMALL-ONLINE-STORE.. As simple as PRICE-FIELD and AVAILABLE stock is already adequate for some of them.. Later on if they are used to your system. Slowly upgrade and give them a better feature.

3. Training Module
This is to support point number "2" . Make a video tutorial for them of how to use your system. Make a demo so they can see your video without bugging you so many time to teach them how to use your system.. This will help you save a lot of time... And also give your customer a good Support-Service.

4. Budget-with-Budget
You may complain it requires a lot of programming-skills to develop a cart System.. But it is really pointless, if you have STATE-OF-THE-ART but your client can't make any sales via online.. Cater to what their need and what they understand.. And start selling your online-system..

That's all from me for now... :)

More will come soon.. ^_^ (if i have the time)... hahhaa


santa said…
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