Maxis : Not Loyal Customer Friendly Part II

So what happened..(the day after)

Well, after explaining to your guys what happened.. if you missed out what really happened : Click the link here to learn the story..

After few hours posting my blogs on facebook, on maxis pages and hate telco pages.. All of a sudden out of no where this particular Facebook Using name ***i ***co, sent me a facebook message giving me the email of Maxis CEO, Mr.**nd** . As soon as i got the e-mail, i quickly grab my earlier post (which was my complaint which i wish to submit through maxis feedback page, which fails)... So, wait, wait and wait.. 

I didn't expect anything, but around 3.52pm, a maxis customer relation called me up.. On behalf the CEO of Maxis..
Here's the conversation (similarly, not 100% accurate, 87%)..

Maxis CSR : Good Evening Mr.Shamir
Me : Good Evening 
Maxis CSR : I am calling behalf Mr.**nd** regarding your issue..
Me : owhh okay..
Maxis CSR : ....(reading back my complaint --> click here)
Me : Yea... true..
Maxis CSR : Since you have a post-paid account for more than a year, we agree to downgrade your maxis broadband package from RM99 to RM48 and we will also waive the fee of RM400, for the lost of modem and also, you don't have to return the modem.
Me : Owhhh, okay.. so the deal is on?
Maxis CSR : Yea.. i will be doing the processing by today, but i will inform you tomorrow once everything is done.. 
Me : Okay, just to make sure, i don't have to return the modem, i don't have to pay RM400 for the lost modem and my package is changed to RM48 instead of RM99.
Maxis CSR : Yes..
Me : Okay, thank you.. will be waiting for your confirmation tomorrow.. :)
Maxis : Is there any other thing that i can assist you on?
Me : I think that's all .. (end)

So, the day after, Maxis CSR called me again, informing that my package has now changed to RM48.


So what do you actually learn from this story of mine ? care to share?

Moral 1 : If you complaint at the bottom level of body(organization), nothing gets done, they only follow.
Moral 2 : Read the *FINE PRINTS before getting yourself into a CONTRACT package
Moral 3 : In business there's a thing that we call loyal customer, over RM400(which the value now is actually RM0)
appreciate them, and be considerate with options.. Rules may apply, but there's always room for consideration..

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Last but not least.. Thank you for reading.. ;)

Shamir Adnan


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